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Current book-keeping services


  • Elaboration of accounting policies, individual ledgers, and tax strategies;
  • Real-time accounting processing of the primary documents – income and expense invoices, bank documents, cash documents;
  • Tracing-up, and elaboration of up-to-date infos regarding the receivables and obligations of the Company, and of any third parties - as an analytical cross-section;
  • Reporting of the foreign exchange gains/losses occurring with the liabilities, receivables, and foreign currency payments;
  • Keeping of the Book of Inventories of the Company – assets entering and writing-off, reflection of depreciations, compilation of a taxation and of an accounting depreciation plan;
  • Monthly elaboration and presentation with the respective tax administration of infos: the declaration, the purchase-sale diaries, and the VIES declaration under VAT;
  • Elaboration and submission of the Intrastat information concerning acquisitions, appearing internal for the Community;
  • Elaboration of all necessary documents for counter-inspection related to VAT, and their submission with the tax administration;
  • Elaboration and submission with the BNB of all quarterly reports under occurring liabilities;
  • Monthly tracing-up and determination of the alternative taxes of the Company;
  • Elaboration of the annual financial reports in accordance with the legal regulations effective in Bulgaria, and their submission with the tax administration within the established time periods;
  • Elaboration of the Payroll;
  • Elaboration of labor and civil contracts, and of additional agreements, in accordance with the national labors laws;
  • Compilation of orders for the termination of the labor relations, of labor records, and of all accompanying documents;
  • Elaboration, and monthly submission with the tax administration of notices, declarations, and all necessary documents concerning the implementation of the provisions of the labor laws;
  • The monthly elaboration of payment documents, related to the public social security and health insurance, the general income tax, the advance corporate income tax, and the monthly alternative taxes of the Company, and submission thereof with the office for their effective payment;
  • Elaboration of financial analyses and reports;
  • Elaboration and submission with the tax administration of declarations related to the provisions of the Local Taxes and Fees Act /relating to real estate, motor vehicles/.
  • Consultancy in the field of the taxation laws;
  • Consultancy in the field of the labor laws;
  • Tax protection.

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